But not like lion. Like chocolate. Raw like chocolate.

A blonde stole a man off me a while ago, and I have inherently disliked any woman with a vanilla finish ever since. However, the earth moves in mysterious ways and six months ago, a Lithuanian princess descended into my life in the form of my accountant.

I tried very hard not to like her.

Small, petite, knock out, and a bloody accountant to top it. She also insisted on bringing in the most interesting coloured smoothies I have every seen, a ploy, I am sure, to lure me into her big-brown eyes.

TogethIMAG0578er with her interesting smoothies, she brought along a chocolate bar called ‘’Vanoffe’’. One taste of this and I was speechless (a hard thing for me to find myself doing, not talking!). What sorcery was this? Melt in my mouth vanilla latte mixed with delectable chocolate silkiness and a hint of hidden promises….

And raw.

And bloody raw!!! WHO EATS RAW CHOCOLATE? I told you she was a witch. I knew there was a reason why I hadn’t heard of the chocolate bar, being a chocolate and all-processed-sugary-fatty-foods addict and professed connoisseur of every bad food known to man.

Six months and a bit later, I am now a little bit of a raw foodie. Vanoffe graces my desk and raw gogi berries (covered in cacao, I am not a savage!) are strategically placed in my fridge-the husband likes Vanoffe a bit too much. I am also about to begin training for my first 10k. From here on in, this is my story of freeing myself and becoming a more aware foodie.


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